What do the personal archives tell us when the official archives are silent? Little is known about Portuguese women architects, and even less about those who studied this profession between the 1940s and 1980s in Lisbon. Gaps in the existing history of architecture in Portugal, what happens if we want to rewrite it? 
 We go straight to them to understand the diversity of stories in history. We see the personal archives, each one with a different personality. Lines, drawings, poems: each archive is different from these women in Lisbon architecture.  
This documentary is made with the research, support, and collaboration of W@ARCH.PT. 
Direction: María Contreras | Research: Patricia Santos Pedrosa, Lia Gil Antunes, Natália Fávero | Production: Felipe Nunes Branco, María Contreras |Edition: María Contreras, Leonard Collete.

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